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We offer cosmetic supplements and an initial line of DNA enhanced beverages, that are catering to the increasing demand for products related to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Our beer "DNA Essence: Charisma" is for instance brewed with Tiger DNA. Currently we are developing a line of cosmetics, which will also be related to the market needs for TCM associated products.



We offer licensing of our DNA solutions to clients, who want to enhance their product portfolio with an additional emotional factor to differentiate themselves from competitors. Specifically if clients want to address the increasing demand for TCM related products, we can offer the needed ingredients.



We are also open for other forms of partnerships such as DNA Essence co-branding options, flagship cooperation, wild life protection programs and more extensive alliance & joint venture projects. Organizations looking for an innovative partner from the biotech industry will find a competent team within DNA Essence, happy to respond to any suggestion they might have.

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What we offer


DNA Essence develops innovative DNA based ingredients for the cosmetics and beverage industry. The DNA is produced synthetically using biotechnological procedures, so that our products offer a possibility to obtain needed ingredients with no harm to animals.

If you are looking to enhance your products with synthetic DNA we offer partnerships as well as other solutions to our clients.


DNA Essence helps you to create a difference!

Our Team

Our Team

Prof. Dr. Johannes Kabisch

Johannes Kabisch holds degrees in microbial physiology and molecular biotechnology. He is a Professor for Computer aided Synthetic Biology and heads a research group that develops microbial platforms for the renewable production of fuels and fine chemicals. His expertise in genomics, bioinformatics, molecular and synthetic biology are the core behind the technology and products of DNA Essence.

Prof. Dr. Gunter Festel

Gunter Festel has various university degrees in natural & social sciences including a PhD in chemistry and a PhD in economics. After a professional career with Bayer, Arthur D. Little and McKinsey he founded his own investment company FESTEL CAPITAL and has (co-) founded 10 biotechnology companies.

Dr. Thorsten Reiter

Thorsten Reiter received his M.Sc. and MIB in Germany and the United States. He earned his PhD in Strategic Management at the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland in the field of Innovation Strategy. In the past he has worked as strategic advisor for a variety of clients (pharmaceutical companies, lobbying groups, etc.) as well as speaker and author in the fields of Innovation, Corporate Entrepreneurship and Startups.

Dr. Wolfgang Sipos

Wolfgang Sipos studied chemistry and microbiology in Heidelberg. He was head of the purchasing department of Boehringer Mannheim/Roche Diagnostics before founding several companies and joining AppliChem GmbH. Together with his partners he sold the company successfully to ITW beginning of 2012. Since then he is invested in several start-ups helping them with regard to sourcing and business development.

Dr. Matthias Stolmár

Matthias Stolmár studied chemistry and received his PhD at the University of Lausanne. He has been practicing IP law since 1996 for Robert Bosch as well as in private practice giving advice to major big companies as well as start-ups. He focuses on prosecution and litigation of patents in the fields of chemistry, pharmacy, biotech and materials sciences.

Our Products

DNA Essence: Charisma is a German premium beer, brewed with Tiger DNA.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine Tiger Bones stand for male charisma, strength and success. With cutting-edge DNA technology we have synthesized pure & identical Tiger DNA, which is cleaner and even more concentrated.

Charisma provides you with energy, vitamins and the full power of Tiger DNA.

Feel your Charisma!



Brewed with Tiger DNA!


Novel molecular ingredients

DNA Essence is a biotechnology start-up company founded in 2015 by the biologist Prof. Johannes Kabisch, the entrepreneur Prof. Gunter Festel and the patent attorney Dr. Matthias Stolmar with headquarters in central Switzerland. Focus of DNA Essence is on the development of innovative artificial DNA based ingredients for consumer goods producers in the food, beverages and cosmetics industry. The DNA will be produced using biotechnological methods, so that our product offers a possibility to obtain the necessary ingredients with no harm to animals. The general use of artificial DNA as an ingredient for food, beverages and cosmetics is protected by international patents.


Deoxyribonucleid acid (DNA) is essential for all known forms of life. These molecules carry the genetic instructions used in the development, functioning and reproduction of all known living organisms. In recent years, scientists have been successful in deciphering and annotating the genomes of a multitude of animal species. This has led to the discovery of many novel gene sequences. With the help of modern analytical methods, it is possible to attribute a function to some of these newly discovered genes. These novel findings and discoveries can be used to identify a connection between the observed effect in nature and specific DNA molecules.

Is it safe?

Yes! All natural food we eat contains DNA. It is estimated that an adult consumes 0.1 to 1.0 gram DNA on a daily basis. Our product does not increase the daily uptake of DNA as it only represents a very small amount in comparison to the DNA consumed with food. The DNA of our technology is in its molecular composition 100% identical to natural DNA and is produced using a polymerase, the same biological molecule that produces DNA in nature. There are no genetically modified organisms (GMO) used for the production. The safety assessment of DNA is shared by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), who found short DNA sequences, both synthetic and genomic, Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS).

Our Product has been tested

The Versuchs- und Lehranstalt für Brauerei in Berlin (VLB) e.V.

provides education, research, consulting, information and services for the brewing, malt, beverage and spirits industries and applied biotechnology since 1883. Together with VLB the unique DNA Essence brewing process was developed and tested. The result:


DNA Essence: Charisma is a German beer of the highest quality standard!



Energy with Rhino DNA!

DNA Essence: ANCIENT POWER is a premium energy drink with Rhino DNA.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine Rhino Horn makes your heart stronger, improves the quality of your blood and enhances your performance. With cutting-edge DNA technology we have synthesized pure & identical Rhino DNA, which is cleaner and even more concentrated. Ancient Power provides you with energy, vitamins and the full power of Rhino DNA.

Feel the Ancient Power!

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